Rustic Living Room


Rustic Living Room Furniture


Nothing makes a living room feel more comfortable, relaxed and like home than quality rustic living room furniture. Naturally, Rocky Top Furniture offers a wide range of beautiful rustic living room furniture for sale.


One of the great benefits of log furniture is its versatility. You can create a natural log furniture décor theme throughout your entire house or focus on just one or two rooms. Even a single piece of Rocky Top log furniture can fit in perfectly with many décor arrangements. Whether you’re shopping for your first piece of natural log furniture or you’re looking to complete a full log rustic living room furniture set, Rocky Top has some great rustic living room furniture ideas for you to consider.


Handmade Log Entertainment Centers


A quality White Cedar entertainment center is a great way to combine modern technology with old-world sensibility. Our natural log entertainment centers come in a variety of styles, from a simple log dresser to display your television or stereo to a more complex piece with doors and lots of drawers. Whatever suits you!


If you like the idea of modern conveniences but don’t want your living room to look overly modern, one of our entertainment centers may be the answer.


Rustic Log Futons


When you think of a futon, you think of a couch made of wood that becomes a bed. But most futons are temporary solutions and many aren’t that comfortable. Rocky Top futons are different. Made from our natural White Cedar, these futons are sturdy and beautiful and look great as permanent additions to any rustic living room or cabin décor.


 Rustic Wood Sofas and Sofa Tables

Log Paddle Arm Sofa Rocky Top Rustic Log Sofa3 Drawer Sofa Table

 Log Paddle Arm Sofa       Rocky Top Rustic Log Sofa          3 Drawer Log Sofa Table         


If you like our futons, you’ll love our sofas! They’re the perfect mix of sturdy and comfortable, and like all of our log furniture, they’re designed to last you for generations. Pair one with one of our sofa tables for convenience and a more cohesive, rustic look.


You’ll find all of these items and many others to completely furnish your log living room set with rustic natural wood décor. Complete your rustic living room with natural log bookshelves, loveseats, ottomans, coffee tables and more. Choose from a variety of wood types, depending on how rustic a look you’re seeking, and further customize with your choice of finish and texture.


In addition to being carefully crafted heirloom pieces that you can hand down to your children and grandchildren, these natural log White Cedar furniture pieces are beautiful, durable, and handcrafted to be unique, so no one in the world will have a piece quite like yours.


If you already have your eye on one of these beautiful pieces of rustic log furniture, contact Rocky Top Furniture today. And for more rustic living room furniture ideas, be sure to request our catalog.