Rocky Top Furniture offers many product styles, textures and finishes.
Please use these examples as a learning tool to help you design your very own log furniture.






The Cottage product line has sanded smooth textures on the logs.

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn is characterized by the knife drawn accents on the logs.

Buck Ridge Rustic

Buck Ridge Rustic features a full natural character log. The bark is pressure washed off the logs to preserve the natural look, then each log is sanded by hand.




A clear finish shows the true grains and natural color of the wood. To ensure maximum protection and coverage of your furniture, not one, but two coats of finish are applied to every piece by our skilled craftsmen.


Grizzly is a special blend brown stain developed specifically for Rocky Top. Workers carefully perform a series of detailed processes, applying the stain, hand-wiping with rags, then applying two coats of finish on every furniture piece. The darker brown stain on the wood highlights the grain when the topcoat is added.


The wood is left in its original state with no stain or finish applied allowing the natural beauty to shine through. All unfinished products are sanded and wiped down, going through the same processes that any other piece would, making your furniture smooth to the touch. Leaving your furniture unfinished allows for a subtle and simple look in your home which can always be dramatized with accessories.


TEXTURES(only applies to flat surfaces)



Simply sanded down smooth to touch with a nice clean look.






Shows the deep saw cuts left in the wood. No two pieces are alike.







Reclaimed is made from old and specialty wood salvaged and repurposed from old barns, factories, and buildings. A lot of the wood is over 80-100 years old, each piece coming with a history of its own. When you purchase from our reclaimed line, you aren't just buying a product, but a story, a story that Rocky Top seeks to uphold. The wood is lightly sanded to preserve the texture formed over time.



Rocky Top Furniture uses many different types of wood species and materials that have unique characteristics. Wood is one of nature's wonders, has a mind of its own, and shows individual characteristics and natural beauty. No two pieces are exactly alike.

CHECKING or cracks, are a natural characteristic of log furniture. Checking happens naturally during the drying process of the logs. These checks or cracks will vary from log to log. Some checking will be wider than others. Checking adds natural character and beauty to the product. Checking is not considered a defect and is not subject to warranty. Checking does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture made from it.

RECLAIMED WOOD has been allowed to fully mature, unlike fresh cut lumber. Because it is mature, old growth timber, it carries with it unique characteristics related to its age or prior function, which may include, but not limited to: nail holes, splinters, sharp edges, mineral stains, cracks and splits, tight growth rings, and natural previous creature activity.

A LIMITED LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY is offered by Rocky Top on all of our indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is covered by a 5-year limited structural warranty. In the event that a problem arises from a defect in workmanship or material, your product will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of Rocky Top Furniture) without charge except for any cost incurred to transport product to and from Rocky Top Furniture.